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A private villa with your own pool is a fantastic base to explore the South of France. Heres is some of our favorit places to visit while you stay at Villa Rosé.


A river canyon that is often considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful. It is about 25 kilometres long and up to 700 meters deep. Rent a boat and enjoy the turquoise-green water. Distance from Villa Rosé: 116 km. / 72 miles


Aix-en-Provence is the city of art, and a city of light and activity. Aix is also a home of art schools and several universities, including some American, attracting a youthful population that sparks the atmosphere.

During the last years of his life, Aix en Provence native Paul Cézanne settled in a little country cottage to produce art and live out the rest of his days. Now, decades later, his studio is open to the public. Cézanne loved Aix and is a source of pride for the city. Visit Atelier de Cézanne, and get a peek into the mind of a genius. Distance from Villa Rosé: 102 km. / 63 miles

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez – despite its many visitors – an unmissable place to visit. Not only because of its famous harbour, where there are always luxury yachts. But also because of its cosmopolitan, charming town center with trendy, upscale shops, the world famous “Le Marché” and its swinging nightlife. It happens in Saint Tropez! Within easy driving distance are the famous beaches of Pampelone with exclusive beach clubs. Distance from Villa Rosé: 21 km / 13 miles

Port Grimaud

To enter Port Grimaud you have to leave your car at one of the car parks and walk to the entrance. The houses in Port Grimaud are built in a very simple style, with the height and colour of the buildings being the main difference between them. The colours used for the houses are all terracottas, creams and dusky pinks, and some also feature wrought iron balconies. Lots of Venetian-style bridges cross the waterways, linking the different ‘streets’. The overall effect is very simple but quite beautiful and after the bustle of the rest of the Cote d’Azur it is extraordinarily quiet and peaceful here. Port Grimaud is referred to as the Venice Provençale. Distance from Villa Rosé: 15 km. / 9 miles


The Maeght Foundation is a famous art museum located in Saint-Paul de Vence, a small village of the French Riviera not far from Nice. The Foundation is an outstanding example of integration between art, architecture and a breathtaking landscape. Distance from Villa Rosé: 109 km / 68 miles


There are many reasons to visit Nice. If you have kids make sure to go to the Promenade du Paillon fountain zone. Hours of fun i the summer time. Distance from Villa Rosé: 114 km / 71 miles